'We live in a dark world.  But there is light shining in the darkness, and the darkness won't be able to overcome it.  How do we know?  Because even in the darkest days and years we remember the god from whom we come; THEREFORE hope in the god toward whom we go; and therefore, despite everything, can RECOGNIZE and serve the god who goes with us on our way'. (guthrie jr.)


Welcome To Soul Care Ministries

Spiritual Direction    

Spiritual Formation      Spiritual Growth      Spiritual Transformation

With open-mindedness, empathy and friendship Soul Care Ministries provides a trustworthy, dependable and confidential environment for you to start or continue your spiritual journey. A place set apart so you can encounter God in a life-transforming way. 

Whether you are a seeker or believer we'll support and encourage you to discern the presence of God in your life through relationship/s, dialogue and prayer, meditation and other forms of spiritual disciplines.

We have an open door and open heart policy. We support people from all walks of life, backgrounds, religions and sexuality; no one is turned away. Call us to see what we are all about and begin your spiritual journey of faith and transformation with us. 

What are you seeking?

  • To share & explore your hopes, struggles, losses, grief and joy

  • To receive acceptance, empathy and understanding

  • To feel deeply listened to and heard

  • A desire to find meaning and purpose in your life

  • To question what this life is all about

  • To discover what it means to be truly human

  • To explore Christian spirituality

  • To integrate spirituality into your daily life

  • A stirring in your heart or longing to know God

  • To discern His presence and His voice for the first time and/or at a deeper level within your life

  • To identify and to trust your own experiences of God

  • To spend time with Him

  • To reflect Christ in your life

  • To live out your faith with integrity

  • To develop a sensitivity for creation, justice and the poor

  • Discipleship/Mentoring

God's Story - Our Story

'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you'.
(Maya Angelou)

We all have our own story to tell. It involves the history of our life with its joy and laughter, tears, sorrow and hardships. These stories help to define who we are in relation to others and the world around us. 

God also has His own story to tell. He enters into our history and speaks to us. He meets us exactly where we are at as we live out the daily rhythms of our life. In these moments God's story and our story intersect. We encounter the living God and our lives are transformed by His presence. We become united with God in the 'bigger story' of our Christian lives, communities and the overarching story of salvation history.

So join us and share your story. You will find yourself drawing closer to God as you begin to discern His presence and the work that He is doing in your life in a more conscious way.  You will discover that your story is a part of God's great narrative of creation, covenant, incarnation, resurrection, salvation, and eternal life. Your journey and God's story are interwoven and from this relationship you will encounter hope, healing and a transformed life.

We offer Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Disciplines, Christian Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Formation, Soul Care, Support, Mentoring, Friendship, Prayer and a quiet place to rest & relax near the shores of the Ocean Grove beach front.

Our Spiritual Director's qualifications are: Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Ministry & Theology, Graduate Diploma in Ministry (Spirituality), Master of Education (Leadership) and a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI).

We invite you to join us in an opportunity to seek God and encounter hope and healing as we journey together towards the next chapter and the next story ....

Our Spiritual Direction Room and Garden Surrounds.