We invite you to join us in an opportunity to seek God and
encounter hope and healing as we journey together
towards the next chapter and the next story ....


At Soul Care Ministries, our Spiritual Director is available Monday through Saturday to listen and share your journey.

If you are dealing with your own 'Dark Night of the Soul' and need to find strength, comfort and support then please contact us. 

At Soul Care Ministries we encourage you to spend time in reflection and seeking God in the midst of your circumstances, and of drawing closer and deeper in relationship with Him guided by the Spirit. 

Whilst on this journey you will find help, comfort, friendship and encouragement. Together we will explore ways in which you can discern Gods presence more fully through prayer, meditation and other forms of spiritual disciplines. 

We can offer support and strategies to assist you, so please contact us.

Soul Care Ministries: By Appointment Only

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