'You must Be still, to Silence the noise that invades from all sides and hear   the still small voice of god as it whispers which way to go.  We need to do                          this first for ourselves and then for our clients'.                      (Appleby & ohlschlager)


What is Christian / Prayer Counselling?

Stress, grief, sorrow, heartache, trauma, depression, pain, and unrest can fragment our souls and permeate our lives.  However, Jesus Christ offers an alternative journey.  He offers to take our burdens onto himself, to carry our trials and tribulations so that we may find rest, love, hope, transformation and even new life within the midst of our suffering (Matthew 11:28).  He walks alongside and journeys with us as we find hope and meaning within the circumstances of our life.  Those who are called to this road through Christ discover that God cares for each individual in a deeply personal way and nothing compares to the possibilities we have in God’s love.  During the process of Christian counselling and spiritual direction something happens; God makes something transpire in our hearts and minds that we cannot do for ourselves – nor can any other person do it for us.  The journey we take with God is where our spirituality is formed and shaped.  This road is where we can encounter the living God in relationship with us, as we find new hope, discover new paths, grow and be transformed.

At certain times in our lives we can become overwhelmed and confused and fearful about our circumstances; things have not turned out the way we planned.  If you are reading this now you may remember times of triumph, joy or success and times of pain, distress and hopelessness.  But just for a moment, stop and imagine that there is a God who is loving, eager and willing to walk with you through the darkest night.  To bring hope when you thought none was possible.  At Soul Care Ministries, we believe that God Himself reveals and intervenes in the counselling process.  As counsellors, it is our role to create an environment where God is free to move in new and creative ways within our lives.  As God intervenes in the ordinariness of our life we see Christian counselling as the process of having an encounter with the living God at its centre.  The counselling we do is not the focal point; the transformative encounter with our living God and Jesus Christ in and through the Holy Spirit is what are sessions are centered upon.  Throughout our time together you will sense that God is present and from these encounters genuine transformation takes place.

Counselling is often hard to define as it is understood in so many ways.  Within a client’s viewpoint it could be described as a relationship with a trained, compassionate and attentive counsellor, that is focused towards problem solving and reaching goals that you are having difficulty reaching on your own.  From a counsellors’ perspective, it is often a multidimensional process that targets and works towards change through emotions and reactions, behaviours, thought patterns, relationships and environments.  Counsellors apply knowledge and skills to serve a client’s best interests in personal growth and development.  We use many differing counselling methods and models to hopefully bring change and transformation within a client’s circumstances.  The work we do at Soul Care Ministries can often be taken from secular methods but at its core our techniques are biblically based, Spirit-directed and invite Jesus Christ into the counselling process to meet the deepest needs of our clients.

Our counsellor’s qualifications are: Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Ministry & Theology, Graduate Diploma in Ministry (Spirituality), Master of Education (Leadership) and a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and Spiritual Directors International (SDI). 

If you feel that you would benefit from our processes and techniques then please contact us for an opportunity to seek God and encounter hope and healing as we journey together towards your next chapter and your next story ....

Below is a short YouTube clip from Larry Crabb which will help you to understand more about the value and benefits found in Christian counselling. The concept of Christian/biblical counselling is a topic of much debate. While some may want it limited to merely prescribing Scriptures to help people get better, biblical counselling is far more extensive and engaging.  Lawrence J. "Larry" Crabb, Jr. is a Christian counsellor, author, Bible teacher and seminar speaker. Larry Crabb has written best-selling books and is the founder and director of New Way Ministries.